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FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

Access Network setup using optical fiber from the central access point to the customer’s home, delivering huge data rates to Customers

Service Information

Single fiber from the OLT runs to a passive Optical Splitter, located near the users’ locations. The Optical Splitter divides the optical power into N separate paths to the users, varying between 2 to 128. GPON adopted with two multiplexing mechanisms- a) in downstream direction (i.e. from OLT to users), data packets transmitted in a broadcast manner, with encryption (AES) used to prevent eavesdropping, b) in upstream direction (i.e. from users to OLT), data packets transmitted in a TDMA manner.

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Fiber to the home

Telecommunication Assistance

As a Contractor, provided our expertise to esteemed clientele like Etisalat for Deploying FTTH in the UAE including cable installation and associated works.

We Offer…

  • Pre-Installation survey to identify the splitter location mentioned in the design, vacant riser tray from the splitter location to carry FO cables to individual flats or identify space to install new tray, identify conduit to install FO drop cable.
  • FTTH drop fiber installation including ONT installation from FO splitter or patch panel location to customer access point and termination of cable.
  • Laying cable from the access point to the customer service telephone and terminate in RJ11 socket for telephone access.
  • Laying of a Cat-6 UTP cable from the customer access point to the computer for the internet access and installation of RJ-45 socket and termination.
  • Laying of a Cat-6 UTP cable from the customer access point to each of the location of E Vision STB boxes and termination.
  • Testing of all FO cables and connectors.
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